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Q Can we change the size and color based on the original?

A:The size and color can be changed according to your requirement. Please contact us to get more information about the changed inflatables.

Q How can we install the inflatables?

A:It is very easy to install. Prepare your ground, Open the package of inflatables and blower. Plug in the blower and inflate it.

Q what is the daily consumption?

A:This cost can be negligible as the blower consumes only a few units of electricity each day.

Q What accessories come with the inflatables?

A:We will send you an electric blower(two or more if needed), repair kit bag (including the same color material and glue).

Q How do I clean the inflatable games?

A:Just use soap and water. Do not use any kind of solvents.

Q What is your order procedure?

Frist,Choose your favorite items of inflatable slide, inflatable bounce, etc., and confirm the order.
Senced,We send you proforma invoice for confirmation. You need to sign on it and send back to us by e-mail or fax.
Third,you transfer deposit payment for your order, and send us the bank bill for our confirma.When we receive your money, we will begin to make products for you.
Once we finish your order, we will take some digital pictures and send them to you to check the items. If you are satisfied with it, we will arrange the delivery for you.

Q Can I use my own forwarder to transport the products for me?

A:Yes, if you have your own forwarder in Guangzhou, you can let your forwarder to delivery your packages.

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